Friday, August 8, 2014

Stop Bug Bite Itchies Fast with Zim's Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: Product provided for free to facilitate review. All opinions are my own and are honest. 

Summer time, at least for my family, means more time outdoors.  What else looms around in the summer, especially at night? Bugs! Mostly, what we react to in my family most are mosquitoes.  My bites, as well as our daughter’s mosquito bites turn into large lumps, especially once they become itchy, which leads to scratching.  Normally, our family would use alcohol, and then apply a layer of hydrocortisone, which would do the trick in keeping the itchiness away.  That is, until I was provided with Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone to review.

What is Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone?
Zim’s Advanced Crack Crème with Hydrocortisone is an organic crème containing ingredients like Arnica, organic aloe, and hydrocortisone to help temporarily relieve itchiness and rashes due to insect bites, dermatitis, poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac.

My thoughts
I was surprised that the Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone worked at effectively taking away the itch from me and my daughter’s mosquito bites, and it did this rather quickly.  It only took a small amount of the product rubbed on the affected area to do so, which means more bang for your buck! Don’t you love it when a just a little of a product goes a long way?

Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone is described as a cream, but to me, it’s more like a salve, and smells like one, too.  Maybe because I've been using this product during the summer, but the consistency of it is a little runny, which means you have to be careful when removing the product from the tube, or else, it can be all over your floor. Yes, that’s happened to me.  

Now back to the scent.  The scent is very Tiger Balm-ish.  If you’re a fan of that scent, kudos to you, but there is something off-putting about it to me.  Although the scent doesn't linger around too long – I’d say it stays around for about 5 minutes post application – it bothers me.  My daughter doesn't mind though. In fact, I caught her smearing it all over her arms! 

 What do I like about the Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone?
- Works fast and effectively
- A little goes a long way
- Can be used on ages 2+ (perfect for my 3 yr old)
- Organic

What I don’t like about the Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone?
- Smell
- Consistency

Overall, I am satisfied with the results from using the Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone.  I use it as soon as either of us is bitten by a bug, and I pack it in my bag whenever we plan to be outdoors.  If you’re in the market for an anti-itch cream, and do not mind the scent, I’d suggest checking out this one.

Zim’s Advanced Crack Crème with Hydrocortisone can be purchased for $9.99/ # oz from

Do you want to try Zim’s out for yourself? Enter to win some! 
Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone Giveaway

Disclosure: Product provided for free to facilitate review. All opinions are my own and are honest. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

When Picking Paint Colors Goes Wrong

Have you ever decided on something, and then regretted it later when it was seemingly too late?  Well, that happened to us recently when we were painting our living room.  We thought we'd like the main wall with the fireplace a darker gray color, Behr Paint Nightclub, but, that didn't quite work out the way we'd envisioned it. Were we stuck with it? No.  But, we were stuck with the daunting task of re-priming and re-painting the wall a second time.  Oh, and spending more money on more paint!

Before you even ask or assume that we didn't get samples of paint and swatched it onto the wall, we did.  The paint looked completely different once fully painted on the wall, and then dried. It like morphed into BLACK.  The first coat looked like a nice dark gray, something slightly lighter than a charcoal gray.  After the second coat dried, my husband walked in and said, "Kim. that looks black. I don't like it. We have to change that."  I didn't like it either.  It reminded me of a room in Bill Compton's house, especially with the wall sconces.  Although I am a die-hard True Blood fan, I, nor my husband wanted to come home to a True Blood-ish set every day.  So yeah, it had to go.

We headed back to Home Depot to pick up another gallon of a different paint color.  Instead, we decided to paint the entire room Behr Paint French Silver, which is a blue-based gray.  And this, we like.  To us, it says 'Welcome'.  It's not too dark, and not too light.  It's neutral enough for us to add whatever pops of color throughout the room with accessories.  Plus, we're going to redo the fireplace.

The brick and the brass fireplace cover (I think that's what it's called) are both pretty dated.  I pick dup some Rustoleum High Heat in Black to paint the fireplace cover in black. My husband is going to change the brick to... something he likes.  The mantel, mantel shelf, and legs will remain white.

What will I do with the extra Behr Paint Nightclub? I plan on turning it into chalkboard paint, and creating some chalkboard projects either in mini me's room or in our breakfast nook.  Either way, that paint will get used!

I've created a Pinterest specifically for this blog.  Follow my boards :)

Have you ever picked a paint color and hated it? SPILL!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mommy Wins! I got my three year old to sleep in her OWN bed!

The convertible crib she's slept in maybe 5 times

First, Beauty and the Bump is a judgment-free zone, right? Okay, so yes, my three year old has been sleeping with us from the time she was a few weeks old until just two weeks ago.  Why? The helicopter mom in me just felt more comfortable with her close by - really close by just to ease my "what if" fears. I enjoyed our cuddle time.  Plus, it just made my life as a first-time, exclusively breast feeding mom much easier.  Call me lazy, I don’t care. I need my rest. Yes, I could have let her cry it out, but, I am not that mom.

Now, let us fast forward to year three of bed sharing.  With mini me seriously being half of my size in length, and then stretching out, and kicking covers in her sleep, oh and the infrequent bed-wetting, was getting to be too much.  Our queen-sized bed was not cutting it.  Plus, my husband resorted to sleeping on the couch some nights because he "couldn't sleep peacefully" with her in the bed. Later, I started feeling the same way. At some point, one gets tired of being woken up by a kick, slap or feet in their <insert body part>.  I was also running out of disposable pads for the bed.  And that my friends, is where I said, ‘Kim, enough is enough!’ Mommy needs her beauty rest.

How did I do it?
Every morning, and then in the evenings I’d prepare mini me for her transition into her own bed by letting her know it was time.  Her room, currently, is right next door to ours, so we can hear her in an earshot.  I let her know the following:
1. Mommy and Daddy are right here so nothing will happen to you
2. You have God and Jesus watching over you
3. You’ll sleep so much better in your own bed since you’ll have room to stretch out, and you can leave the sheets off or on when you want
4. You can keep your nightlight on, too. Just make sure you turn it off in the morning.

Guess what? It worked!  When my husband came home, he asked where she was, and with the happiest heart, I said, “She is in her bed.” No tears, no fuss; just hugs, kisses and a story.  Oh, and a small amount of strawberry milk did the trick.  It has since been two weeks (and counting) since she began sleeping in her own bed.  .:Mom Wins!:.

I had to take a pic so you know it's real!

The following morning she was so proud of herself for sleeping in her own bed; however, she did wake up at the crack of dawn to exclaim “Mommy, it’s morning, can I wake up now?” Ahh, this girl is too smart for her own britches.  It was 5:00 am! I said, “No, please go back to bed.” And that she did, of course, after I gave her strawberry milk.   

I honestly believe that she had to be ready, and not forced or shamed into changing her comfortable sleeping habits.  I also noticed that in giving her a responsibility, such as turning off her nightlight in the morning, also encourages her to continue sleeping in her bed.  She says to me “Mommy, I’m a big girl. I turn off my light.”

I’m not going to pretend like this process is all rainbows and unicorns, because that, it is not!  She wakes up in the morning, and then climbs in my bed or on top of me.  Sometimes I let her stay, and the other times, I put her butt right back into her bed (where she belongs).  Also, she wakes me up, and me only, to take her to the bathroom, at least once per night.  Husbands must wear some kind of invisible cloak, I swear!  I guess it’s better than getting peed on, right?  I can’t win everything.

To reward her, I picked up a little Dora the Explorer Great Smile Toothbrush Gift 3 Piece Set (Toothbrush Holder, Toothbrush, Rinse Cup).  She loved it! She must have brushed her teeth three times between the time I gave it to her and going to bed.

Now that I have her sleeping in her bed, my fear is that when we finally transition into our new home, she’s going to revert back to her old behaviors. Hopefully, the larger room, the décor, new bed, paint etc will entice her to stay in her own room from here on out. PRAY FOR US!

Beauty and the Bump's tips for transitioning your child into their own bed:
1.  Communicate with your child your daily your expectations, and use positive language.  That means, no shaming!
2.  Acknowledge their fears, reassure and comfort them (her comfort is her nightlight) 
3.  Be consistent by putting them back into their own bed when they get out 
4.  Stay in the room until they fall asleep
5. Read to them right before bed
6. Reward them

Did you have trouble getting your child to sleep in his/her own bed? What did you do to nip it in the bud?