Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You Care! Random Mini Me Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on mini me.  In just 12 days, I will have a two year old!  The time definitely flew, as I feel I had her just a few months ago.  Although it makes me sad to see her getting all grown up, I’m happy she is thriving well.  I mean the girl is like half of my height and about  ¼ of my weight! Scary.

I told myself I would start compiling list of all of the words she says currently.  Ask me if I’ve done it… Never mind… I do need to get around to it though.  She speaks clearly for her age (so I’ve been told), and she has personality that is out of this world.  She needs an agent! The husband and I have to often ask ourselves “Where did she come from?”  The things she says and does are unbelievable.

The other evening, the husband and I were both in the kitchen him washing dishes, and I was cooking (as usual), while mini me was in the living room dancing.  I guess she realized we weren’t giving her enough attention so she’d pretend to fall and say her knee hurts, and asked for us to kiss it.  She did this repeatedly! It was hilarious!!! It was also impressive seeing her know what to do to gain our attention. 

Mini me’s birthday
As I mentioned before, she will be two in 12 days.  People keep asking if I’m doing a party.  I thought that when we had her 1st birthday party, I made it clear that her next party will not be until she is 5.  That’s not to say we’re not celebrating her birthday because we are.  We are taking her to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus®  that’s currently in town.  Kitty Bradshaw is having a contest where she's giving away 4 tickets. Hopefully, we can win those! We also picked up an Innotab 2S for her since she loves using my iphone and Macbook, and the husband’s Ipad.   

Things mini me loves
Dancing – she wakes up doing this
Singing – although she has a microphone she makes anything into one
Talking  - she can talk your ear off!
Playing in her tent (Play Hut)
Chilling with her Grandma aka Gaga
Cats – she can watch cats (not the play) on the computer for hours
Makeup – I find her sneaking in my makeup often.
Nail Polish - I've recently started polishing her nails. I only use Zoya polishes since they're 5Free

She’s now beginning to understand that I have to go to work.  All I have to say now is “Mommy is going to work” and she will respond “Okay”.  Before, she would cry! I’d feel so bad.  This is bad of me, but, there are times when I’m home on the weekends and I need to get away to do something I’d say I’m going to work .:lol:.

I really wish my Dad were here to see her growing up! He’d have a blast. I’m pretty sure she’d be more spoiled than she is already.

Oh, I almost forgot, she has been drinking plain milk during the day for the last few days.  I think I no longer have to be a slave to the pump.  We are also trying to potty train her… It’s going.  For her 1st birthday, she was given the Fisher Price Cheer for me Potty, so that's what we're using.


I was thinking of doing a monthly Mini Me’s Favorite Things post.  What do you think?